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Resource Recovery

Slamson Ghana's central operating principle is one of resource recovery.


All waste by-products have value, and Slamson connects their local personnel to sector-relevant experts to adapt technologies for all types of waste recovery, notably for organic compost and biofuel (charcoal).


With deforestation rates at staggering levels in the developing world, and over half of many Sub-Saharan African populations relying on charcoal for their main source of fuel, Slamson is committed to providing

high quality alternatives from environmentally and socially sustainable practices.


Slamson can provide locally appropriate technologies for your resource recovery needs, or can design, construct, and operate full waste recovery systems that can eventually operate on a profitable basis.


Read here for more information on Slamson's resource recovery projects.

See our Community Outreach presentation here explaining why charcoal is such a great value-added resource to recover from faecal sludge.

Dried Sludge
Slamson Ghana, charcoal
Slamson Ghana charcoal
Slamson Ghana
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