Local Consultation &

Project Management

The team at Slamson Ghana has over 20 years experience in the not-for-profit, social enterprise and public-private sectors in Sub-Saharan Africa. Slamson can provide consultation and management services for all aspects of your project, from (pre-) feasibility work, to construction, to site management, including reporting and documentation, and monitoring and evaluation.

Slamson's team has a unique ability to establish networks with high-level political and agency stakeholders (e.g. Municipal governments, Ministries, EPA), and the local stakeholders that comprise the formal and informal activity of any sector.  

These networks provide the LOCAL KNOWLEDGE & facilitate the "buy-in" from all levels of society in order for projects to be sustainable in the long-term.


Slamson is focused on projects that will improve the environmental and social conditions for local populations and support developing infrastructure.

Slamson has consulted for local and international organizations on a variety of initiatives:

> clean water initiatives in Accra's Old Fadama slum (Hydraid)

> e-waste initiatives for Sub-Saharan Africa (Ericsson, GIZ) 

> other sanitation-related initiatives in Ghana (multiple org)

Read here for more information on Slamson's consultation & project management activities.


Local toilets
E-waste dump
Ericsson/MTN e-waste initiative
Fredrik Sunesson with Mayor Vanderpuije & Ambassador to Denmark
Slamson Ghana, Fredrik Sunesson
Slamson Ghana, President Mahama, Fredrik Sunesson
Ceramic water filters
Slamson Ghana
Slamson Ghana, Fredrik Sunesson
Slamson Ghana, Fredrik Sunesson
Organic compost
Locally-grown tomatoes